The Kentlands Acoustic Jam

Some say that music is one of a few universal languages.  Sounds have a way of connecting people better than words can describe, and one of my very few regrets in life was that I stopped playing the violin as kid.  I grew bored of trying to read sheet music and what was once a pretty lively passion (at least it certainly looks like I was having a blast on old VHS tapes) lost out to other activities.  But I still have incredibly fond memories of the violin, and it sparked my interest in other musical instruments as well.  Played the flute and clarinet for a while, and even had a few years when a guitar was strapped to my shoulder pretty much every waking our.

But now, outside of still being able to hold an instrument correctly, I am not too musically inclined.  But being a new dad of an overly curious little one, I am exploring any and all options to channel his curious energy in constructive and learning ways, which is why I am so glad to have found out about the Kentlands Acoustic Jam.  At least 2x a month, usually on the first and fourth Tuesdays of the month at the Carriage House, musicians just get together to jam out as music loving patrons bring food and drink and enjoy!  All in all, it is pretty awesome!  I've only been once so far, but definitely plan to make it a more common occurrence. 

We'll be adding their jam sessions to the Calendar of events so be sure to bookmark the calendar to know when they're jamming. 

But what if you I don't play an instrument?  It doesn't matter!  Come and participate and join along.  They aren't picky.  If you are a parent, maybe you have tried to inspire your child to play in a local or school band. If you are a teen, maybe you have friends who astound you with their musical prowess.  Well, there's only one way to get better at something ... and that's practice!

There has been a lot of research done over the past decade about activities that help the human brain maintain its plasticity and improve cognitive functioning. At the very top of what is a really long list, is learning to play an instrument.  It ranks right up there with exercise, learning a foreign language, or practicing mathematics daily.  


And if the Kentlands Acoustic Jam inspires you to think about music in greater detail, we are super fortunate to have a strong roster of music professionals that can guide you in your exploration.  Talking with qualified professionals who teach for a living is a always a good option, but not all music academies offer a full range of instruments to choose from. The Pritchard Music Academy and Stanford Studio of Music are two local music academies, both of which offer a wide variety of instruments that their qualified teachers can help you learn.

Whatever you determine, be sure to check out and support the local Kentlands Acoustic Jam Band by attending one of their free jam sessions!


- Yianni