Hello Mr. President --- Yianni's "Light" Inauguration Wrap Up

Well, Donald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America! Regardless of how you feel about this fact, or how we came to arrive to this place, I think one thing that most folks can agree on is that this crazy political season is over!

And while we might be living in a hyper-polarized political environment, one of the things that we've really enjoyed about the Kentlands is how "patriotic" the neighborhood seems ---- regardless if residents lean to one end of the political spectrum or the other.  

Sure, the number of Hillary/Kaine signs I saw in people's windows or front yards might have outnumber the number of Trump/Pence ones, but it seems that our neighborhood can celebrate the diversity of political thought more than some others.  Throughout this political season I've heard horror stories from friends and colleagues across different parts of the country where yard signs have gone missing, or even worse, people had their homes vandalized because of their political affiliations.  It is great knowing that we don't live in that kind of place and neighbors can be neighborly regardless of how they vote.  

But in all seriousness, have you ever noticed how patriotic our neighborhood looks? Everywhere you go you see either the American flag proudly flying or the flag of the great state of Maryland flapping in the wind.  state flags on houses.  All it takes is a quick stroll or drive through our neighborhood to see just how many flags there really are!  It is great!  As a friend of mine who visited us in our new home recently said, "you guys need a flag outside your house ASAP, you're not keeping up with the Joneses! This seems like the most patriotic neighborhood I’ve ever seen.” 

And while politics isn't typically be a reason to have people over to celebrate, we've taken advantage of the political season as an excuse to reconnect with folks and to really turn the debates and "process" light-hearted banter and fun around the political coverage on TV. 

No matter what you’re political stance is around the incoming Administration, it’s nice to see our community engaged and passionate about making our country even better.

Only Kentlands